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ecoTECH™ Design Studio is building a new line of homes that are sustainable, modular, affordable, and tested for Chemical Sensitivity. We have combined the latest research in low level to non-VOC materials with BauBiology principles for EMF and dirty energy avoidance to bring you HEALTHY HOME™.

ecoTECH™Design Studio was formed in 2008 to develop new products and designs that focus on sustainability, affordability, quality, and great design. Over the past year, the group has focused on developing non-VOC housing aimed at addressing the needs of the chemically sensitive. Douglas Busch is the company founder and comes from a background in the arts http://www.superlarge.com and design: http://www.buschdesign.com.

The test units are developed and owned by ecoTECH™ and are available for people to test for suitability. The units are 385 sq. ft. with the option of adding additional units as desired. Various styles will be available as can be seen below.

Our first order of business is to create testing units where individuals with chemical sensitivities may stay for a period of time to see if reactions to our selected materials arise. The first units will be ready for testing on the East Coast in the first quarter of 2011, followed by testing in other areas around the country.

If you are interested in receiving further information about our project as it moves forward, please provide us with your contact information at the end of this questionnaire. The ecoTECH™ team is committed to providing the best possible service to make the process of testing or purchasing a house a positive experience for the customer. Our team welcomes your feedback and looks forward to developing a healthy relationship with you.

Eco Tech Homes

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1. Please indicate the type of issues, whether VOC (volatile organic compounds) or EMF (electromagnetic fields), you are currently experiencing or have encountered in your home or office:

2. Which of the above issues are your main/critical concern? For example, how do these sensitivities affect your daily life?

3. How did the sensitivity manifest itself the first time?

4. How old are you?

5. How long have you had this condition?

6. Have there been any improvements in your health and if so, how do you make them?

7. Have you encountered problems with materials that are now in the market that are said to be non-VOC?

8. If you could live and work in a home with reduced levels of chemicals, what would your ideal living situation look like?

9. Given your financial circumstances, what spaces would be most beneficial to support your interests and needs. From the list below, please indicate items of interest:
Additional Rooms:
Other Rooms:

10. Please indicate the approximate size of unit you may be interested in:
Less than 500 sq.ft.500 sq.ft. to 1,000 sq. ft.More than 1,000, sq. ft.

11. Would you want to rent or purchase?

12. What is your price range for purchasing a home?
Less than $50,000$50,000-$100,000$100,000- $250,000More than $250,000

13. If interested in purchasing, do you have financing available at this time? Please describe.

14. How soon do you wish to move into a new home unit?
3 months6 months1 yearimmediately

15. What is your preferred testing location of our units?
East CoastWest CoastMidwestNorthwestSouthwestNortheastSoutheast

16. How long does it usually take for you to notice sensitivity to a new environment?

17. How long would you need in a testing unit to feel comfortable with the environment and to know that it “works for you”?

18. Are you interested in sustainable technologies (solar panels, water filtration, rainwater capture, zero EMFs and dirty energy control, etc.)? Would you be willing to pay an additional cost to have them integrated into your unit?

19. If you wanted to purchase a larger home, which of these styles would you prefer?
RanchBungalowCape CodContemporary Barn

Any additional comments or special needs you would like to have addressed?